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Categories of ID Cards

 ID Card Categories 

Employee ID Cards, Stydent ID Cards, Exhibition ID Cards, Temporary ID Cards
Categories of ID Cards
     Whenever we talk about ID Cards there are many things to be remembered in common.  ID Cards are uniquely used in several places such as Employee ID Cards in Work Places,  Student ID Cards at Colleges, Schools and all Educational Institutions. Exhibition ID Cards are used in the places of Exhibition Center and Road Shows. Temporary ID Cards are used in any places where short duration works are being progressed.

Thus the Types of ID Cards can be distinguished as,

  • Employee ID Cards
  • Student ID Cards
  • Exhibition ID Cards
  • Temporary ID Cards

Employee ID Cards :

Employee ID Cards are used in all commercial places in any organisation.   Employee ID Cards are also known as  Worker's ID Cards, Labor ID Cards, Staff ID Cards and more. Employee ID Cards  are used in Manufacturing, Procuring, Sales and Marketing, Shops and Showrooms, Catering, Hospitals and Healthcare, etc,

Apart from  Student ID Cards and Teachers ID Cards, Employee ID Cards also used in Educational Institutions too. RFID Cards or Proximity Cards also used in organisations for attendance and tracking purposes.

Student ID Cards :

Student ID Cards are used in various Educational Institutions including Kindergarten, Nursery and Primary Schools, Colleges and Universities. Some Student ID Cards are made up with RFID Cards or Proximity Cards.

School Children ID Cards are often designed in Horizontal or Landscaped fashion so the toddlers can keep the ID Cards hanging with ease. Toddlers ID Cards are widely fixed or pasted with ID Card Holders and the Neck Lanyards or ID Card Tags are fastened with Holders so it become inseparable.

Exhibition ID Cards :

  Exhibition ID Cards are usually short duration ID Cards which is used like Temporary ID Cards. If not Participant's ID Card, the Visitor's ID Cards are No Photo ID Cards when the crowd of Visitors are most likely the strangers.

  Unlike regular size of standard ID Cards, Exhibition ID Cards are larger in size to enhance the identification appearance of Organizers Identity, Participants Identity and visitors Identity.

Road Shows, Product Presentations, Seminars, Various Functions, Technical and Commercial Workshops are few popular places to remember the usage of Exhibition ID Cards.

Temporary ID Cards :

Temporary ID Cards are always used as an Instant and Emergency Identification solution. These Instant ID Cards and Emergency ID Cards are usually processed immediately as soon as it required.

Temporary ID Card may also be a Photo ID Card. A preprinted Card is with blank spaces to write names and other information and a place to affix the photo. These ID Cards are often Stamped and Signed with the issuing authority signature.

Trainee ID Cards, Probation ID Cards, Fixed duration Project ID Cards, Migration Workers ID Cards are also falls into the category of Temporary ID Cards.

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