Friday, July 19, 2013

Press Reporter IDCard Templates

Press Reporter IDCard Templates

There are several millions of Press Reporters around the world roaming to cover the activities of the globe. Press Reporters using their profound skills and technology to capture almost every event of the world. They are capable to mingle everywhere and get the potential content of the events.

Identity Cards for Press Reporters provide great immune to participate in festive, News and Press events. Press Reporters IDCard recognize the reporter and let them take notes even in any kind of difficult situations.

Webbience happily release few IDCard Template for such Press Reporters.  All the three sample IDCards are horizontal design and can be customized.

For the ease of readability, The Press Reporters IDCard Templates designed with Barcode which stores the unique information about the particular Press Reporter. 

Press Reporter IDCard Template 01 :

Press Reporter IDCard Template 01

Press Reporter IDCard Template 02 :
Press Reporter IDCard Template 02 

Press Reporter IDCard Template 03 :
Press Reporter IDCard Template 03

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