Wednesday, May 1, 2013

QR Coded IDentity Cards

QR Coded Identity Cards

qr code identity cards - qr coded idcards

QR Coded Identity Card
Webbience as it always updates the technology to give the latest and advanced solution for Identity Card users, Webbience started integrating the QR Codes in its Identity Cards. Either it is Employee Identity Cards or Student Identity Cards, QR code enhances the Identity Card data with lot of information. Thus with QR code integrated in your Identity Cards will enrich your security and scalable information for accurate identification and authentication.  The QR Code left side is enhanced with Plain Text inside.

  With QR Codes your Identity Cards can be integrated with following features.
QR Coded Identity Card by Webbience
Website URL, YouTube Video
Google Maps Location, Twitter
Facebook, LinkedIn
App Store Download
iTunes Link, Dropbox
Plain Text. Telephone Number
SMS Message, Email Address
Email Message, Contact Details
Wifi Login (Android Only) 

The QR Code above is integrated with complete details of Visiting Card or Business Card.

For more information on QR Identity Cards, Please call, +91 979 054 7171.
Enrich your Corporate Identity with Webbience Identity Cards

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