Saturday, April 27, 2013

Visitor Passes

Photo Visitor Pass

Almost all the organizations uses the Visitor Passes or Gate Passes as an entry pass for the visitor who visit their premises. The Visitors may be their clients, customers, guest, suppliers, sales or marketing personnel. To identify such visitors, usually, most of the Organizations practicing pre-printed Visitor Passes.

Visitor Passes like Photo IDentity CardsVisitor passes cannot replace the Photo Identity Cards because the visitor may be visiting one or fewer times Identity cards cannot be provided to them. Thus, using pre-printed Visitor Passes with the text highlighted as visitor pass that is to be hanged on the neck or other visible means.

Photo Visitor Pass or Gate Pass

Few Organizations who need to record all their visitors’ complete data, particularly to store the Face Identity using some special software packages. This package includes the Visitor data entry form, a web camera and a printer. This software on the computer terminal attached with a Web camera. Visitors requested to show their faces in front of camera stores and where the camera stores the face and other visitors particulars are stored in standard soft format. A color or Monochrome printer which is included in the package instantly the visitors information along with the photo. Now the visitors got their photo identity which must be hanged on the neck with given lanyard or tag. Thus task of enabling Identity Card for all in the premises is succeeded using the special security packages.


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